Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk e.V.

FGF Research Projects

The FGF promotes projects investigating biological effects of electromagnetic fields. The focus of research is on radiofrequency fields as are used by radio applications. Since 1992 FGF has funded more than 50 reserach projects with an overall budget of 10 Million Euros.
Studies have been carried out on different investigation levels and can be subdivided into the following categories:

Besides the commissioning of laboratory studies, data collection and data analysis are a focus of the FGF’s research work. An example is the promotion of the literature database of the Research Center for Electromagnetic Interaction of Aachen University (FEMU). Worldwide available scientific results are collected, analysed and prepared for the public and experts alike.

Special relevance have expert workshops on current research topics organized by the FGF. They are a platform for experts for closer discussion and exchange of current knowledge.

Focus FGF Projects


This table is an overview of the number of ongoing projects promoted by the FGF per year and focal topic. The length of some projects – sometimes several years – is correspondingly reflected in the number of points given to each project, i.e. the points symbolize either single one-year projects or a project of several years.
It becomes apparent that the main focus of the projects has shifted from experimental projects and fundamental research to scientific dialogue and information exchange.

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