Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk e.V.

Project Allocation

In accordance with their statutory duties the Research Association for Radio Applications (FGF) funds research projects "with regard to technical and biological effects of radio services". The FGF focuses in particular on studies on biological effects of low-level high-frequency fields.

Public and private research institutions, based in Germany or abroad, can apply for research funding. Only research on a high scientific level which meets the above-mentioned statutory responsibilities of the FGF will be financially supported.

With their criteria for topic and project selection FGF largely follows

  • Recommendations of the WHO Research Agenda
  • Suggestions of national and international governmental and expert groups
  • Activities and results of other research institutions.

To allocate projects, the FGF uses - usually open – calls for tenders. The selection will be made in a two-stage process for both, applications in the framework of a tender and unsolicited applications:

  • Applicants first submit a brief pre-proposal. Within two months after the expiration of the tender period or after the submission of unsolicited tenders a scientific committee sifts through the applications and evaluates them by objective criteria.
  • Successful applicants will then be asked to submit a full project proposal as a basis for the final decision on project funding. If necessary, external experts will be called in.

Usually, a project will be allocated within four months after the end of the tender or after the application deadline. All pre-proposals and full proposals must be written in English.

Apart from the funding of still ongoing projects, the FGF has presently no budget to fund new projects. Nevertheless, FGF is always interested in discussing new research ideas – as the case may be also to identify eligible approaches in research for the future.

> Research Strategy of the FGF (Excerpt from the anniversary publication of the 10th anniversary of the association in 2002)


Current Calls for Tenders

There is no call for tenders at the moment.