Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk e.V.


Statutable tasks of the FGFare:

  • Funding of scientific studies for the investigation of possible biological effects of electromagnetic fields.
    The focus is on investigating low-intensity radiofrequency fields as used by modern radio technologies. Besides the commissioning of laboratory studies, data collection and data analysis are a focus of the FGF’s research work. Special relevance have expert workshops on current research topics organized by the FGF. They are a platform for experts for closer discussion of current knowledge.

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  • Providing of comprehensive information about biological effects of EMF on humans and environment.
    With its offer of a broad range of events and publications, the FGF addresses several target groups: scientists, experts, journalists, interested lay persons, and institutions as well as members. The focus of public relations work is on national and international research.

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  • National and international cooperation
    The FGF participates in activities of the European Commission, the World Health Organization (WHO) and many other bodies and scientific associations. The FGF has established itself as an important link between science, industry, authorities and the public.

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